About Suit Up

Welcome to the Suit Up Community!

Suit Up is an on-line gaming community dedicated to fun and competitive game play with a high level of maturity. Most of the officers have been playing together since Vanilla, while picking up some great raiders along the way. We strive to be a community of close knit players and friends, no matter the game we play.

In WoW, a guild is destined for oblivion if the guild is the means and the loot is the end. But in a good lasting guild--often held together by both shared experiences and out-of-game ties--the loot is the means and the group success is the actual end. This is what Suit Up is all about; succeeding!

We have started recruiting for Legion Heroic/Mythic raiding. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of Suit Up, apply to the guild here.

We are Horde on the server Malorne-US which is a connected realm with Spirestone, Rivendare, Firetree, Stormscale, Drak'Tharon. Our Raiding times are Tues and Thurs; 6:30pm – 9:30pm PST

Have a question? Contact a member of the Suit Up leadership:

• Guild Master of Suit Up: Chopper#1246 (Cyberwin)

• Officers: Scrivener#1344 (Perpetua), Lestat#1184 (Lestatt), Dungaroo#1906 (Gains), Ravener#11880 (Ravener)

We’re in this for the long haul, so grab your gear and SUIT UP!!!!!


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